The Swiss public transport network

7 March 2017

In Switzerland, you will find one of the best public transport systems. It is much simpler to travel using public transport !ย  Not only it is one of best in the world, but also one of most expensive…
In general, the Swiss public transports are comfortable, clean and punctual!

In most Swiss towns, you will find a network of bus or tram.On the trains, there are two categories of tickets 1st Class or 2nd Class. Be careful when getting on the train not to travel in the wrong class. If you are in 1st class with a 2nd class ticket, you could get fined.

During your stay, I invite you to buy a pass which you allow you to travel throughout Switzerland for less.
If you find these passes expensive, you obviously have not yet seen the full ticket prices. There are different formulas for tourists, SwissPass, 3 days, 4 days, 8 days or 15 days.

For more information on this subject, I invite you to visit the SBB/CFF/FFS official site.

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picture by ยฉSBB CFF FFS

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