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Kalte Lust ice creams conquer Switzerland !

16 July 2023

You may have already seen it Kalte Lust is the trendy ice cream brand of the moment, it exists since 2017, founded by three ice cream enthusiasts, this store has become famous for its unique and delicious ice cream creations and it comes from Olten.

Olten, a charming town in the heart of Switzerland, is renowned for its beautiful scenery, fascinating history and booming gastronomic scene. Among the culinary delights this town has to offer, there’s a real marvel for fans of artisanal ice creams: this is where Kalte Lust ice creams are produced, and where the brand has its main store in the heart of Olten – it’s become a veritable institution in the region!


Togeco Wrap-its: Swiss brand revolutionizes the world of food packaging

14 July 2023

When it comes to food packaging, Swiss brand Togeco Wrap-its stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation and practicality. Specializing in environmentally-friendly, reusable packaging solutions, Togeco Wrap-its is revolutionizing the way we store and transport our food. This post will highlight the unique features of Togeco Wrap-its products, their impact on the environment and their contribution to sustainable living.


Rossis transforms old PET bottles into fashion accessories!

25 June 2022

The ROSSIS bag brand, founded in 1986 by Francesco Rossi, is known for its sustainably produced bags with a clean and elegant design. In 1993, the Swiss-born architect and fashion designer was already interested in sustainability when he created a series of bags for the Traffic Jam & FLASH bike courier service. They had to be lightweight, water-resistant and sturdy. The lightweight boat covers were made to meet the needs of bike couriers.


How to Work From Home With a Baby

10 May 2020

Managing work and being a parent can be exhausting. Staying productive while waking up for those late-night feedings and juggling everything else is truly a tough job. Many parents choose to begin to work from home after having a baby, while others may have already been working from home and are now struggling to fit baby time into their established work routine. Here are some tried-and-true tips on how to work from home with a baby. Your Secret Weapon Is Nap Time !


8 Home-Based Projects for Your confined Teenager

4 April 2020

If you and your family are stuck at home for a while, perhaps for quarantine purposes, for instance, you’ll be doing your best to keep your kids happily occupied. But if you have a teenager, you may be finding them tricky to cater for, and a bored teen can quickly become restless and moody. When you start looking outside the box, though, you’ll find all sorts of stimulating yet home-based activities for this older age group. Here are eight such projects to put to your teen. Select one to suit their interests and personality, also bearing in mind feasibility for your living space, and present it as an exciting, new opportunity. Then, when they’re ready for more, pick another.