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10 March 2017

In 2014, I really wanted to go abroad to learn a new language. I started perusing the various offers available from agencies at that time. Several of my friends had also gone with an agency called Education First. After having done some research on the different agencies, I too decided upon Education First. The agency runs its own schools abroad. This was one of the main reasons I chose this school.

Their schools have an international reputation and they have a presence in many countries. They offer tuition in many languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and even Chinese.

There are different course options available at EF: the intensive course or the standard course. If you are keen to progress rapidly, I recommend the intensive course, which will provide you with an additional 6 hours of tuition per week.

You can also choose how many weeks you would like to go away for. I would recommend a minimum stay of one month if you really want to make progress.

Regarding accommodation, you can select between options for staying with a local family or in a residence. If you choose the residence, you will be independant and will have to wash up or even cook for yourself.

During your first day at school your language level will be tested so that you are placed in the correct class for your level. If at any time during your stay you wish to change your course you are welcome to discuss this with the school tutors.

The school offers various extra-curricula activities for your free time: you could spend the weekend in a city or perhaps visit some city museums. These activities vary from one city to another. Don’t worry – there will always be something to do.

During your stay you will meet people from the four corners of the world, you will learn about other cultures, and at the end of your stay you will go home with wonderful memories!

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