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Freitag bags, the success story

8 March 2017

For some time now, I have wanted to introduce you to this Swiss brand known as Freitag. It was created in 1993 by the brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag. The two brothers were looking for a bag that was waterproof but above all functional and would allow them to carry their creations around by bicycle. They searched high and low throughout Zurich’s range of shops, but were nevertheless left empty handed.

It was at this moment that they started to give the first Freitag bag serious thought. Gazing down from the window of their apartment, they had the idea of collecting old truck tarpaulins and using them to make a completely waterproof bag. In an original take on recycling, they also used old inner tubes and seatbelts.

After the first one had been created, everyone wanted to know where they got this famous bag from. Once the word started to get around, it was an overnight success, and they had to start production at home. Zurich retailer also wanted to get the product into shop windows. At present, Freitag products are made by artisans in several European countries.

Practically everybody in Switzerland has at least one Freitag product. They are now available almost everywhere you go in the world! A true success story for a product made with recycled material.

The next time you’re in Switzerland, I’d invite you to pay their Flagship store a visit, which is found in the suburbs of Zurich. In keeping with the theme of reuse, this shop was built using old contener.

For more information about Freitag I invite you to visit