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An assessment of my language stay in Canada

14 March 2017

To recap, I went on a 22-week trip to Toronto to study at a language school on an intensive English course run by the company Education First. Before I left my English level was very low. On arrival at the school I was given a level test so that I could be placed in a suitable class. The result of the test was A2.3.

After a few weeks in class, and especially thanks to the efforts of the teachers at the school, my English was starting to come on. This helped me to feel much more confident about speaking in English. Naturally, you should never worry about making mistakes! If you don’t try, you’ll never learn.

The classes were either in the morning or the afternoon, which meant we could sometimes go out in the evening. Unlike at home in Europe, most clubs in Toronto close at around 2-3 in the morning. Something important, if you’re not Canadian you need to show your passport to get in…

Apart from nights out, we also visited different parts of the city. In Toronto, there are so many places to see, there’s no way you could possibly get bored. Every Tuesday, we would go to watch a film in English at the cinema, it was usually an animation.

On Sundays, quite a lot of the shops stayed open. Whenever the weather wasn’t too great, we’d go for a look around them and buy a few things.

During my final week of lessons, we had to take a test on what we had learnt in order to get a certificate from EF. By the end of my stay I had reached B2 level and had an attendance record of 100%. You can also take other exams through EF, don’t forget to find out before you leave!

During my language stay, I met people from all over the world, which meant I had the chance to learn about other cultures. A language stay is an unforgettable experience, if I had the chance to take another overseas trip now it’s one of the first things that I would do again.

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