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The Swiss education system, a true success!

31 July 2017

What will you do after finishing your compulsory schooling? Many young people are facing this very question. In Switzerland, there are a few options. If you like studying, you may choose to continue your education at a business school or go for a higher degree. But, if you’re ready to move on from school, you could opt for professional training, a program that will prepare you for a trade in 3 to 4 years. There are over 230 training programs from which to choose!

Travel Guides

3 Days in the capital of the Netherlands

2 May 2017

I’d like to take you on some new adventures to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. This capital city is perfect for short visits. In my case I stayed there for three days. The population speaks fluent Dutch, a language that vaguely resembles Swiss German, but I can assure you that the Dutch can also speak English.

Language school

An assessment of my language stay in Canada

14 March 2017

To recap, I went on a 22-week trip to Toronto to study at a language school on an intensive English course run by the company Education First. Before I left my English level was very low. On arrival at the school I was given a level test so that I could be placed in a suitable class. The result of the test was A2.3.