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Swiss culinary specialties

8 November 2018


I present you with a selection of culinary specialties you’ll find on your stay in our beautiful country. If you were planning on dieting here, you might be in trouble. Now, let’s start the culinary tour!

Cuchaule with its famous Bénichon mustard

Cuchaule is a kind of brioche made from saffron. It’s often eaten with Bénichon mustard, which is a mixture of pear and spices. This is one of many specialties from the Fribourg region.


Cenovis was created by a Swiss master brewer who came up with the idea of making use of the difficulties of beer production. By adding vegetable extract, a product rich in proteins and vitamins can be created. It spreads like butter, made from frustration and adoration.

Cheese fondue

50% Gruyère AOP with 50% Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and Swiss white wine. There are different types of fondue – you have half and half (50% Gruyère AOP, 50% Vacherin Friborg AOP), which is the Swiss favorite. There is 100% Gruyère, which is eaten with potatoes. The county of Neuchâtel offers 50% off AOP 50% off AOP, and at the German-Swiss border you’ll find a full-bodied fondue with 100% Appenzeller AOP cheese. If you don’t like wine, you can replace it with Kirsch or apple juice.

You have many options with fondue, and even the French have their own variety. But Swiss fondue will always be the first!


What better way to share good times with family and friends than with a raclette? This dish is also a Swiss tradition – raclette with potatoes, pickles, onions and a good white wine!
As for fondue, there are many options with Swiss raclette.

Other countries try to copy us, but nothing beats a real Swiss raclette!


A typical dish of German-speaking Switzerland, röstis are potato cakes that are often accompanied by sausage or cheese with applesauce. Recipes vary depending on the region.


Macaroni is served with potatoes, cream, cheese and onions. Everything comes with applesauce. This specialty is very popular with winter skiers.

Gruyère double cream

The Fribourg region’s classic dessert is a nice double cream with meringues! Served with fresh fruit for an added touch of freshness.

Le Gâteau du Vully

It looks like a cream cake, but making it requires complex precision and process. Recipes go back generations to keep the makings of a perfect cake secret.

If you find yourself in Switzerland, you’re sure to encounter one of these many specialties!