Traditional razor or electric shaver?

16 May 2017

When I first joined the world of work, my boss made it very clear to me that appearance mattered a great deal, because it creates the first impression of the company you represent.

When I first had to shave, I was only sixteen, and I still had fluff on my face! At the time, I had gone into a store to buy a complete manual shaving kit and, among the wide selection of razors that were available to choose from, I had decided to try one of the world-famous brands.

Over the years, my beard began to grow more and more quickly, and my skin became more and more irritated. I, therefore, tried a number of after-shave creams, with varying degrees of success. Then, six years later, I asked myself the question: how would my skin react if I used an electric razor? Once again, the selection to choose from was vast and, above all, the prices varied enormously between different models.

I recently noticed a Facebook ad by Philips, showing users shaving with the new OneBlade electric model. I was particularly surprised by the quality of the shave, as well as by the technical demonstration: the risks of being cut seemed to be genuinely low, and the skin did not turn red over time due to shaving.

These arguments were enough to convince me to try this Philips shaver. I therefore immediately placed an order on the website, which could deliver the product to me in less than 24 hours. I personally opted for the Philips OneBlade QP2530/30, which was available for CHF 58.90, or approximately €53. The set contains two blades, four guides to adjust the trimming length, a charger and, of course, the OneBlade itself, ready for use.

Recharging the battery takes around four hours, giving around 60 minutes of shaving time, which is enough on the whole. According to Philips, the blades have a lifespan of four months, depending on the number of shaves they are used for.

The first time I used the Philips OneBlade, I had a three-day beard and had not applied any foam to my face. After this first trial, my skin had not turned red, which came as a real surprise – coupled with the fact that there wasn’t even the slightest trace of a cut! From my point of view, the shaver fulfilled its brief perfectly.

A few weeks later, having gotten into the habit of using this model, I wanted to shave a few other parts of my body without cutting myself, and particularly without irritating my highly-sensitive skin. Using one of the guides provided, I was easily able to obtain the desired result, without cutting myself at all.

Despite all these plus points, there is one small disadvantage to this unit: it does not manage to cut the hair out at the root, which leaves a slight shadow on the face. Nevertheless, this does not prevent me from recommending this model.

picture ©Unsplash