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Artisan Donuts in Lausanne!

9 March 2018


You’ve probably eaten the donuts sold in supermarkets. They have been frozen and are full of fat. So I came to Lausanne to try Donutime’s famous donuts.

Donutime is not a large American chain. The concept was created by Fabrice and his partner, after having spent time in the United States. Fabrice is a chef by trade, and has worked in major restaurants. Returning from their stay, they brought the idea of donuts back in their suitcase. Our dear Fabrice now begins his days at 2:00 a.m. to make his artisan donuts. He prefers using locally-sourced ingredients in order to make the best donuts possible.

For now, Donutime has just one location, but Fabrice hopes to expand. He already has plans to open a second location in the city of Lausanne.

At Donutime, there are, of course, the famous donuts. He makes between 18 and 24 different kinds each day. In addition to donuts, there are excellent bagels that are made with love. The establishment has a small room where you can sit down and eat. And thanks to his partnership with Nespresso, he now has a professional coffee machine! If you don’t have time to come to the store, or if you want to be sure to have the donuts you want, you can place your order online and have it delivered.


Be forewarned…these donuts are well-loved in the Lausanne region, and they sell out quickly! You wonder how a business can be sold out? The quality of the products is surely the main reason.

Avenue de Cour 71b
1007 Lausanne

Facebook : donutime