Welcome to my world

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name’s Louis and I’m a Millennial. I live in a stunning country in the heart of Europe, which is home to no less than 4 official languages! We also have the best cheeses and world-famous chocolates. I’ll let you guess where I live…

My blogging adventures began a long ago, when SkyBlogs (a Facebook/Twitter precursor) took the internet by storm. I wrote several theme-based blogs. Since my childhood, I have always loved sharing and conveying my experiences and ideas.

In 2012, when Twitter arrived in Europe, several of my friends suggested I join this new social network. And, as with all website memberships, I needed to find a username. Inspired by a buddy who nicknamed me Suissou, I decided to go for Suissounet – my internet handle was born!

My blog allows me to share my various experiences. The subject I love the most is, of course, travel. When I was a kid, I didn’t get to travel. But once I started to work and earn a modest income, I decided to explore the world and its cultures as often as possible. My philosophy is that it’s essential to share our feelings when we discover something new in life!

As a Swiss, I’m obliged to promote my country to the rest of the world. Which is why you’ll find so many articles in my blog that are devoted to Switzerland. Apart from my blog, I like taking on new projects, love photography and am also a bit of a geek.

Don’t beat me up if there are errors in my posts – sharing stories is what I’m about.

So thanks for reading my introduction and if you have any questions about a post, let me know. I don’t bite! Promise!

Best regards,