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Gelateria di Berna, the best glacier in Bern !

26 June 2018


Behind its name, well-renowned throughout Bern today, the ice cream shop Gelateria di Berna has a lovely history. The adventure began in 2010 with the opening of a location making home-made ice cream. The ice cream chain quickly enticed and attracted an ever growing clientele. Eight years later, there are now five locations in the Swiss capital of Bern.

If Gelateria di Berna was able to make a name for itself, becoming one of Bern’s preferred ice cream shops, it’s because the chain decided to make homemade ice cream. Mindful of selling ice cream as tasty as it is healthy, Gelateria di Berna has always produced delectable freshness using organic milk from the region.

Moreover, ice creams at the Gelateria di Berna contain no artificial flavors and only minimal sugar. A passion for offering healthy choices is one of the reasons for the flawless success of this ice cream shop.
The other reason is its vast choice of flavors and the different possible combinations, as tasty as they are creative. At Gelateria di Berna, you can savor creative ice creams such as strawberry with ginger, lemon, and mint, or even chocolate with chili and cranberry. Several other flavors are also available.

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Another advantage at the Gelateria di Berna is the attractive price of its ice creams. In fact, it only costs CHF 3.50 for two scoops of ice cream. That’s an affordable price for homemade ice cream.

Don’t wait any longer! Go visit them! Here are their locations.

Gelateria di Berna
Laboratorio Breitenrain
Scheibenstrase 18
3014 Bern

Gelateria di Berna
Laboratorio Länggasse
Mittelstrasse 15
3012 Bern

Gelateria di Berna
Laboratorio Marzili
Marzilistrasse 32
3005 Bern

Gelateria di Berna
Laboratorio Brupbacherplatz
Weststrasse 196
8003 Zürich

Facebook: GelateriadiBerna
Instagram: @Gelateriadiberna