Bern Switzerland

Zibelemärit: The Swiss Onion Market

14 November 2023

The annual Zibelemärit, or onion market, in Berne is an annual celebration that takes place on the fourth Monday in November, transforming the Swiss capital into a vibrant place where tradition, gastronomy and craftsmanship meet. Zibelemärit usually gets started early in the morning, often around 5 o’clock. The festivities last all day until early afternoon. Visitors are encouraged to arrive early to take full advantage of the experience, especially to avoid the crowds that form throughout the day.

At the heart of this market is the tradition of braided onions. Local merchants bring mountains of onions carefully woven into garlands, creating artistic patterns that attract visitors. This ancient practice has become emblematic of Zibelemärit. Zibelemärit is not just a market for agricultural produce; it offers a variety of handicrafts, Christmas decorations and local specialties. The streets of the old town are transformed into a lively labyrinth of stalls offering unique products, from handcrafted toys to local works of art.

Onion and cheese pies are popular dishes at the market. Hot onion soups are particularly popular in cold weather.

In conclusion, Bern’s Zibelemärit is much more than just an onion market. It’s a living celebration of Swiss history, culture and community. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors, creating lasting memories and strengthening the bond between generations through time. A visit to Zibelemärit is a plunge into the cultural richness of Bern, an experience not to be missed by anyone who has the pleasure of visiting this magnificent Swiss city.