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The story of my 21 weeks in the Swiss army

3 December 2017

As you may know, every man in Switzerland has to do his military service. I will explain briefly how our army works. As a Swiss citizen, the year you turn 16, you are invited for an information day. During this day, you learn about the different functions you can perform in the army. At the end of the day, you have to decide when you want to do your military service. Following this information day, you receive another invitation for the recruitment procedure, two days where you are tested on different levels. Based on the results obtained during these two days, the Colonel of the Recruitment Center assigns you a function.

Lifestyle Switzerland

The Swiss education system, a true success!

31 July 2017

What will you do after finishing your compulsory schooling? Many young people are facing this very question. In Switzerland, there are a few options. If you like studying, you may choose to continue your education at a business school or go for a higher degree. But, if you’re ready to move on from school, you could opt for professional training, a program that will prepare you for a trade in 3 to 4 years. There are over 230 training programs from which to choose!